How to Adjust Brakes on a Car

Now we’re actually gonna outperform the adjusting process. Um, if we, we’ve now raised a vehicle up to a higher height, uh, to, to gain access to the underside here we’ll see the actual whole, uh, for the adjustment. I removed the plug so that we can actually use our brake adjusting tool to make the adjustment.

I determined earlier and looking at the star wheel self-adjuster that when I needed to do is to push down on it. And what we will do is, is spend the wheel. And at this point where we don’t really have any drag, uh, it spins pretty freely without me even touching it once I’ve split it up to speed. And what I will do now is I will begin to turn that star adjuster wheel and feeling for signs that we’re starting to get drag on the shoes. So when the gap has been taken up,

it’s properly adjusted and there’s a little bit of drag, but not too much.