Can You Trust A Mobile Mechanics

No one likes having to visit their local mechanic, but there’s no escaping regular maintenance and car repair costs. Just be careful about where you go. Looking for cheaper alternatives. More tonight, my contact 13 consumer alert.

so this guy posted on facebook that he is a mechanic and it was his day off and he can fix your car. Cheat Jackie Bryson doesn’t have the money to take her old tourists into the shop to replace it. Sagging struts and shocks. So she hired a guy who said he would meet her and then by the necessary parts so I can go to my shop and get the parts cheaper than what you would ever get them out of auto zone like that. A man claiming to be the mechanic’s brothers stopped by, so she gave him $175 to buy parts. That’s the last she ever heard of either of them. I text him, I call him. I can’t get ahold of him. It’s called the mobile mechanic scam. If you’re hiring someone to come out to your house, you’ve got to make sure they’re properly licensed. It’s easy to do.

Nevada’s DMV has a list of licensed body shops, auto dealers, and more. If you think you’ve found a legitimate mobile mechanic, AAA says, get their address and Google them. Make sure they have a truck full of professional tools, not just some wrenches and screwdrivers. Ask if they take credit cards and never pay cash in advance. It’s a lesson, Jackie. Learn the hard way. That’s wrong. You don’t do people that way. That’s for sure. You don’t do people that way. So here’s the contact 13. Bottom line, there is no recourse if you hire someone who isn’t properly licensed, but you have a problem with a legitimate mechanic. If you do, you can always file your complaint with the DMV there. Compliance enforcement division investigators can be easily reached to this phone number. Jotted down seven. Oh, two, four, eight, six, 86, 26. And when all else fails, don’t forget we’ve got your back. Southern Nevada contact or call for action. Volunteers here at the station at seven. Oh, two, three, six, eight, two, two, five, five. They’re available between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Does Dual Exhaust Increase Gas Mileage

Good afternoon. My name is Tom. So if I mass mechanic out of voting, Pennsylvania in today and we’ll talk a little bit about the dual exhaust. And does it increase your gas mileage? Um, typically I would say not really. Um, the dual exhaust is basically used for increased performance. Um, a lot of people use are they put on a vehicle is strictly for the noise effect. Um, a lot of people love that actual, the actual tone versus um, the stock exhaust, which is nice and quiet and who really wants a sports car with, with the quiet exhaust. Um, but, but the mainly dual exhaust is basically just used for performance reasons.

It can increase your gas mileage, um, but mainly only maybe five, 10% tops. You might see yourself getting an extra mile, one mile per gallon. But overall now it’s not typically used for that. But, uh, as I said, um, the dual exhaust is basically a performance. Um, you might get a little bit, um, gas mileage but not much of an increased. Um, but it’s, it’s basically just for noise effect and performance. But, um, yeah, that, that hopefully, that answers your question on, will dual exhaust increased my gas mileage.