Does Dual Exhaust Increase Gas Mileage

Good afternoon. My name is Tom. So if I mass mechanic out of voting, Pennsylvania in today and we’ll talk a little bit about the dual exhaust. And does it increase your gas mileage? Um, typically I would say not really. Um, the dual exhaust is basically used for increased performance. Um, a lot of people use are they put on a vehicle is strictly for the noise effect. Um, a lot of people love that actual, the actual tone versus um, the stock exhaust, which is nice and quiet and who really wants a sports car with, with the quiet exhaust. Um, but, but the mainly dual exhaust is basically just used for performance reasons.

It can increase your gas mileage, um, but mainly only maybe five, 10% tops. You might see yourself getting an extra mile, one mile per gallon. But overall now it’s not typically used for that. But, uh, as I said, um, the dual exhaust is basically a performance. Um, you might get a little bit, um, gas mileage but not much of an increased. Um, but it’s, it’s basically just for noise effect and performance. But, um, yeah, that, that hopefully, that answers your question on, will dual exhaust increased my gas mileage.